When it comes to successful events, every item of furniture should go together just right. This includes the all important duty of hiring appropriate seating for guests. In fact, hiring the right chair for your next event goes far deeper than just audience comfort – it also creates a sense of style and ambience for your event.

Chair hire for every style & eventacapulco-chair-blue-for-hire

Gone are the days when options were limited to two or three basic styles. These days, an event furniture hire company such as Chillizone, can offer a mind-blowing range of chair hire options, from modern wire bar stools to funky acapulco chairs.

No matter if you’re organising a pop-up cinema event where our bean bag hire range would suit just right, or running an outdoor concert, where crate seats might be the perfect creative option – we have the solution for you.


Deciding on a chair hire option

So, how do you decide? Well, there are two main things to consider when hiring chairs: look and feel. Think about whether your event should appear fun, cool and casual or formal, elegant and traditional.


If it’s the former, go for a cheerful, quirky design. Imagine striped deck chairs in an array of bright colours; plastic retro stools; or crates topped with cushions, which let audience members sit low and get close easily. Can’t decide? Why not go a for a combination of the three? Most event crowds love variety and adventure.

However, if you’re aiming for a formal atmosphere, you might want to go down a different road altogether. In this case, a uniform colour and style is usually recommended. Consider classic white Americana chairs, old-fashioned cafe chairs or Tolix chairs, which come in black or white. These are popular choices for engagements, weddings and similar events.

How about event furniture hire with a difference?

If you’re not afraid of being creative, and are looking for something a little different, then one event furniture hire option that’s becoming increasingly popular is bean bags.

Bean bags create an ambience where guests can let their hair down and relax at the event. Bean bags are perfect for a variety of events – from film screenings and concerts to picnics and parties.
For more event furniture hire ideas and products, or if you would like some expert help with your chair hire, just get in touch.