Bean Bag Liners

$25.00 Includes GST

Liners keep the beans tucked away inside.  So when it’s time to clean your bean bag cover, just unzip the bean bag and remove the liner filled with beans.  It might be a bit awkward to get out, but over time, the beans squash down, making it easier to remove the liner with beans. No need to ever empty the liner.

After cleaning, re-insert the liner, then add more beans to make your bean bag as good as new.

Our liners are made from knitted polyester fabric and include safety zip closure. Regular cleaning keeps your fabric bean bag covers hygienic and clean.

Suitable for Chillizone’s cotton cord, velour and faux fur bean bags.

Beans sold separately.  Available from most major department stores like Big W, Target & K-Mart. Or email us to buy our beans at $15 per 100 litre bag (Melbourne only).


  1. Be sure to place the liner inside your bean bag before you fill it with beans.  Ever tried squeezing a giant balloon into a shopping bag?  It’s not pretty.
  2. Top up the beans each time you clean the bean bag cover to make it like new again. (But be sure to place the liner, with its old beans, inside the bean bag first.)
  3. We recommend cleaning your bean bag cover every 6 months.
  • knitted polyester
  • fits these Chillizone bean bags:
    • Cotton Cord
    • Velour
    • Faux Fur
Dimensions 100 × 120 cm


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