In The Spotlight – Picnic Tables For Hire

If you’re hosting an event outdoors and are looking for inspiration regarding the theme and decor, then you can’t go wrong with a picnic!

Whether you’re organising a baby shower, a corporate team-building day or a child’s birthday party, with the warmer months coming to a close, now is the ideal time to get everybody together for one more outdoor celebration.

All you need is some good weather, delicious food, and most importantly, a comfortable place to sit!

What Is A Picnic Event?

A picnic event is exactly as it sounds – an outdoor event where you get your guests together to enjoy some great food, drinks conversation and maybe even a few games.

What makes picnic events so versatile is that they can be set up anywhere, from public parks to beaches to private backyards. What’s more, they can be scaled up or down – there really are no limits on the number of guests you can invite!

Why Should You Host One?

As the warm weather begins to fade, now is the perfect time to make the most of the outdoors and get everyone together for an enjoyable day out. Or, why not get everyone together on a beautiful winter’s day!

Picnic events are a great way to celebrate any occasion, with the aim being simply to spend quality time with others whilst bathing in the sun. They could even be used as a way to get to know your colleagues and their families better, giving you a chance to meet up in an informal setting away from the stresses of the office.

Hire Picnic Tables Today!

When planning a picnic event, you need to think carefully about where everyone is going to sit. Even if you’re heading to a public park that already has benches, there may not be enough for everyone, plus you can’t guarantee they’ll be free. To ensure you all have somewhere to eat and socialise, you may want to consider renting your own picnic tables for the day. 

Chillizone’s picnic tables for hire are perfect for outdoor events in Melbourne and Sydney, with each table able to comfortably seat up to 6 people. The tables also come with umbrellas for added shelter, so you are prepared for the unpredictable Aussie weather!

Planning a picnic event and interested in hiring a picnic table? Speak to us at Chillizone today, we’re more than happy to provide you with a personalised quote. 

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