Are you ready to dive back into the 2024 footy season and kick off what promises to be a spectacular start to this year’s games that will appeal to all footy fans? You probably already know there are changes to the start of the season this year, and it will kick off with an epic festival of football for something completely new.

If you’re getting on board with celebrating the start of the new footie season with an event befitting the occasion, look no further. Whether you need help with event planning for your workplace, at home or just event furniture hire, we’ve got you covered.

Dress To Impress

Firstly, you need to get decked out in all the right colours for your team. This means getting all the decor in your favourite team’s colours or even multiple colours for all your guests, wearing the kit, face paints, you name it. You need to live and breathe those colours to make the most of the build-up out of your first game, whether they are playing in the first match kicking off the new season or not.

Chillizone has the perfect accessories for your event that can bring your celebrations to life in a colour of your choosing. Whether you’re going for the red, white, and navy of Melbourne or the red and white of the Sydney Swans, our event furniture hire Sydney can help you bring colour to your party.

Plan Your Event

You need to look at where you are planning on hosting your event. Are you going to have a party at home? Will you be celebrating with others? Booking a venue to get friends, family, and colleagues involved so you can all watch together?

Next, look at your guest list, pick a venue to accommodate everyone, and then choose your food and drink if they’re not already supplied. Typical matchday food can include party pies, sausage rolls, wings, finger foods and let’s not forget the beer, too!

You will also need to think about the chairs and tables as well as other furniture such as umbrellas and fences, for example. You can use all of these and more if you’re hosting an event at a venue, you can even use these for your home parties to help you create designated spaces. Chillizone is well versed in supplying footy events with event furniture hire Melbourne and surrounding areas, so they can make sure your next event has everything it needs to host the best footy party.


You will need to keep them entertained. Get everyone together to help you increase excitement and anticipation.

Games can include bets for the match’s first and last goals, the first player to score, full-time score or anything else. You can choose the best-dressed prizes, have trivia quizzes, choose the best dish, or even have a shootout to see who can score the most goals in the run-up to kickoff.

When it comes to hosting your footy event, you need experienced event furniture hire specialists for Melbourne and Sydney to help you bring your party to life. Whether you’re hosting at home, in the workplace or hiring an event, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you make your party the best one in town to herald the start of a brand new footy season.