The right chairs complement your venue and will create the right ambiance either through the colour scheme, look, or style of the event. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with an interior design streak and it can be hard to know what kind of chairs to pick. So, if you’ve been tasked with selecting the chairs for an event, you might benefit from a few tips.

Consider the Style of the Event

First of all, determine whether it’s a modern or traditional building. For instance, a modern venue will work well with chairs with sleek lines like the Jazz Cafe Chair. A country-themed event, on the other hand, may call for crate seats or Americana chairs. Ideally, the chairs should be an extension of the venue.

Consider the Number and Type of Guests

This will inform you about the number and type of chairs you need for the event. For instance, if the event includes older adults, bar stools or deck chairs may not be the best choice. But mixed with Jazz Café or Tolix chairs, they’ll have a comfy place to rest. Bean bags are an ever-popular choice for the young ones and young at heart.

Consider the Available Spacing

Any event furniture hire supplier will tell you how important planning and designing is. With the venue in mind, consider how much space you have to play with and what it will look like. Will there be a stage? Will the event have a dancing area? You don’t want to pack the venue with too many chairs and leave no room for guests to manoeuvre. Plan out a design that utilises the space and the venue to its greatest potential.


Will the Event Take Place Indoors Or Outdoors?

Either way, your chairs need to complement the surroundings. Outside events are flexible and can use a w

ide range of different styles, but you still need to consider the type of event. For instance, a rural event set in a barn could make use of deck chairs.

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