Even with increasing Covid-19 vaccination rates and safety measures in place, restricting the spread of the virus remains vital in both large and small-scale events.
Here at Chillizone, we place health and safety in high regard and have put together 9 essential tips for ensuring that the event you’re planning meets the highest standards and inspires confidence in clients, colleagues, friends and family.

1. Provide Clear Communication of Covid-19 Safety Measures & Best Practices

In your pre-event communications, list the health and safety precautions that will be in place to create a Covid-19 safe event. Incorporate this as one of many features so that it is taken seriously but, at the same time, doesn’t distract from the main focus of the event. Repeat these instructions, clearly displayed, at the entrance to your event.

2. Stay Up To Date On Local Laws And Health Guidelines

As the rules surrounding Covid-19 evolve, event attendees must be informed and remain on top of the latest requirements. These include the latest regulations concerning mask-wearing, event capacity, contact tracing, and vaccination passports.

3. Follow The Screening Procedures

An important aspect of the pre-event messaging and on-site signage is keeping the attendees informed of screening procedures. These may include proof of vaccination, testing, or filling out a health questionnaire. The last thing you want is an attendee, unaware of the requirements, being turned away.

Event bar serving reusable cups4. Instigate Food and Beverage Strategies

Even as restrictions ease, people remain health-aware and may be more comfortable with seated dining and menus as opposed to self-serve buffets. The Victorian state government provides guidelines to hospitality venues on many safe practices.

5. Keep The Format Flexible

A hybrid event combines both in-person and virtual attendees and presenters. This is an effective way of meeting capacity requirements, without limiting the number of attendees or the variety of presentations. It also helps to increase the safety of attendees.

6. Study The Floor Plan

Check the available space and map out its suitability not just for people but also for furniture, technical equipment, and the health and screening setups. Whether you’re in need of indoor or outdoor furniture hire, Chillizone can help with this crucial and sometimes overlooked part of the planning.

7. Maintain High Standards of Hygiene

Ensure your team members are fully trained in hygiene standards for food preparation and handling, and cleaning methods. Undertake regular cleaning of all areas and, in particular, entry points, toilets, and bars.
It’s also a small but effective move to make hand sanitiser available at several key touch points.

jewish festival8. Manage The Flow of Guests

For catering, table service will restrict the movement and queuing of the guests. Spacing the tables to allow individual dining, or dining in small groups, will further limit unnecessary contact.

9. Make Contact With Authorities

Given the confusion that can often arise from rapidly-changing rules, it’s wise to keep in regular contact with the relevant local authorities to clarify any points of uncertainty.

If you’re planning an function during these COVID-19 times, Chillizone can assist you with the best event furniture hire for the capacity and venue requirements, or you can browse our online catalogue to get started.