The 25th of April is an important day for all of us in Australia and New Zealand as we celebrate our annual ANZAC Day. After such loyal service, we must commemorate the commitment and honour of all those who took part in the army corps of 1915 and do our best to help their legacy live on. Below, we’ve highlighted our top 5 ways to commemorate the ANZACS this year.

1. Host A Dawn Service

A dawn service is one of the most common ways to commemorate ANZAC Day and takes place as the first celebratory event at 4:30 am. This is symbolic of the time the ANZACS approached the Gallipoli beach and is a great way to pay your respects. With Chillizone’s outdoor furniture hire, you could host your own dawn service in the comfort of your backyard or at a local park for the wider community.

2. Wear The Rosemary

A very easy but beautifully symbolic way to commemorate the ANZACS is by wearing traditional rosemary throughout the day. Rosemary is an emblem of remembrance and it has become a tradition to wear a sprig of it on your coat lapel or breast. This is a very simple yet effective way to pay your respects, honouring the bravery and sacrifices made by the ANZACS.

3. Host A ‘Gunfire Breakfast’

Following on from your dawn service, why not keep the commemorations going by hosting a gunfire breakfast? This is to remember the typical ‘breakfasts’ the troops were given before going on their first parade. With Chillizone’s picnic table hire, you can host your gunfire breakfast for your loved ones to commemorate this special day.

4. Take Part in An ANZAC Day March

Arguably the most obvious way to commemorate ANZAC Day is to participate in one of the annual marches. Marches take place all over Australia and New Zealand to mimic the acts of the troops as they marched into battle. Many people take part to celebrate their bravery and patriotism and choose to walk side by side with former soldiers and their families in an act of alliance.

5. Teach Future Generations About The ANZACS

One of the most effective ways to commemorate the ANZACS is to ensure their legacy lives on for years to come. Children and young Australians should all know about the ANZACS so they can live on in our memory as we enjoy the everyday freedoms they fought for.
With Chillizone’s event furniture to hire, you can create a zone for your local community to read, discuss and learn all about the ANZACS.